TSA FingerPrint collector

Natacs FingerPrint collector

Heliclass through its two new divisions:

  1. Heliclass Aviation Fingerprint Services - TSA Certified
  2. Heliclass Mobile Aviation Fingerprint Services - TSA Certified

Collects fingerprints for Aviation Programs of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  The Certified Fingerprint Collectors at HELICLASS  have undergone extensive training and comprehensive background checks in order to collect fingerprints for Alien Flight Students Program.  Please contact HELICLASS directly at info@heliclass.com for further information and pricing. 

Foreign Pilot TSA Fingerprinting

We provide mobile fingerprinting services to all flight school candidates and local flight schools applying for Class I, II, or  III categories. We cover all FRANCE and EUROPE.

All foreign flight school candidates must go through the TSA screening prior to stating flight training. This process that must be completed carefully to avoid delays in your TSA approval and starting flight training.

We make this process easier for you and we will guide you through step by step to complete this prior to your arrival in the USA.

Failure to complete this process can and will delay your approval.


Enjoy the convenience of having your fingerprints taken at your hotel, airport, flight school, or a location of your choice. You may also come to our office. We offer ink printing. We then digital transmit your prints to the NATACS website saving you valuable time so that you will be on your way to your stay in the US flight training.

Click on the site below to initiate your TSA process.

After creating a new account you will be emailed 2 separate emails on containing your user id and another your password.

After logging in you may change your temporary password. You will see several sections on the TSA web site starting from Candidate information onwards. We suggest you contact us after enrolling so that we can guide you correctly.

Fingerprint enrollment

Please paste the link below for Fingerprint Enrollment with us:


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