Helicopter tours above Aix-en-Provence

... And tour of vineyards and restaurants! Paradise in Provence!

Sainte Victoire tour

You will board your helicopter at Aix Les Milles airport for an aerial cruise along the south side of Aix en Provence for a spectacular view of the mountain Sainte Victoire, soar over the multiple vineyard and the famous Picasso’s Estate at Vauvenargues, the Bimont Dam then come back looking at the South Luberon

Bring your video camera to record this unforgettable experience !

Price per person : $ 199.00 (20 minutes)

Tour the vineyards : heli-wine

Heli-wine : Tour the vineyards

Visit your favorite vineyard and wine tasting by helicopter.
Ask us for more details.

turn the restaurants : heli-lunch

Heli-lunch : turn the restaurants

Dine at your favorite restaurant by helicopter.
Ask us for more details.

These flights are operated under OD, FTO, CTA and MAP from our partners.
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