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Package of formation

Price for this package 81,720.00 € ("based on an exchange rate of 1.23 EUR/USD")

In order to gain maximum benefit from the course we strongly recommend that prior study be completed before arrival at the school. For a list of recommended reading contact your flight instructor . There is no allocated classroom time but some can be arranged subject to instructor availability. Ideally the classroom time should be used to clarify any difficulties you have encountered in your own study time rather than teaching.

(The cost of each program is based on the hourly rates. The total cost of the program can vary significantly depending upon each individual’s aptitude. The training cost examples do not include housing.)

On average the whole training from beginner to Commercial Pilot takes 6 months, but we have successfully trained professional Pilots in as little as 3 months. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further informations.

These flights are operated under OD, FTO, CTA and MAP from our partners.
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