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FAA TRAINING - Airline Transport Pilot License

The Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is the highest FAA rating a pilot can attain.  The ATPL allows a pilot to act as a company check pilot for a Part 135 operation (after completing a flight with the company’s FAA inspector), and is also required for a pilot to act as pilot in command of a multi-crew aircraft.

Some of the eligibility requirements for an ATPL are as follows:

The pilot must be at least 23 years old
The pilot much be of good moral character
The pilot must hold at least a Commercial Pilot License(H) and an Instrument rating (H) or a foreign ATPL(H) issued by an ICAO state

The aeronautical experience requirements are:

1,200 hours total time as a pilot of which 200 hours are in helicopters, including 75 hours PIC
500 hours cross-country flight time which must be longer than 25nm in a helicopter or 50nm in a fixed-wing
100 hours night flight time of which 15 hours are in helicopters.  The night time must be unaided (without the use of NVG)
75 hours of instrument flight time of which 25 hours are in helicopters, and not more than 25 hours are in a simulator

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